pondělí, února 12, 2007

Second weekend in Germany

On Saturday I went for a long tour inside Fürth and Nürnberg. I went to the final subway station in Fürth in the morning and from there I started my tour to Nürnberg. The weather wasn´t very nice, it was even raining in some moments, but it didn´t discourage me from my idea to go. I spent 6 hours on feet at least and finally I came to the center of Nürnberg. I was totally tired out after coming back to the hotel and I promised myself not to go for any walk on Sunday.

Of course I went outside on Sunday again. In the morning I visited the same church as last week and I stayed there for lunch. In the afternoon I went to Nürnberg again, but this time I gave up walking in closed parks and I went to the castle. It was a lovely view of the city from there. Although it was a weekend, there were not many people outside and I appreciated this fact expecially at the castle, because I could see the panorama from many places without pressing with other people.

I´m starting to enjoy my stay here, but I miss the czech language a little. On Sunday I met an older man in the church, who moved to Germany 1969. I was wondering about his accent - it sounded like a typical czech one, although he has had been living in Germany more than 30 years!

Regarding my job I feel every day better and better. I am getting some tasks which are good not only for practising controlling skills, but also for communicating with German colleagues and that´s probably the key effect for me.

Well, I will stop now. I will be expecting some mails from you - you are little bit lazier than I thought :-).

čtvrtek, února 08, 2007

Nothing special happened during last week

Days are going very fast and my second weekend in Germany is comming soon. During last days nothing special happened. I had no time for sightseeing and most of time I spent in the office. Things started to move and I got used to working with german colleagues sooner than expected. Sure it´s not easy to understand everything especially when they start talking with their dialect, but finally I have no problems to express what I want to say and they seem to understand me at least.
On Wednesday I visited few people in a "bible lesson". We were 9 people including me, but only 4 were Germans. A young couple from Burkina Fasso from Africa has been living in Germany for 4 years and they became members in the church I visited last Sunday. One lady from Iran who has been staying in Germany for couple of years came to the "bible lesson" too. She tries to serve among Iranian community. Finally a lady from Germany who has moved to China, came for few weeks back home and was talking about her serving in China. It was a really amazing time last evening and it was very encouraging for my faith too.
Well, I have no special plans for this weekend, I hope weather is gonna be fine and I will be able to learn to know new places in Fürth and Nürnberg. I would like to visit München (Munich) sometimes, but it´s more than 200 kilometres far from here and train ticket is not cheap at all.
Thank you very much for your prayers and I really enjoy reading your emails. Keep on it!

neděle, února 04, 2007

Sunday´s service and my trip to Nürnberg

Today I spent a very nice day, although it wasn´t such a nice weather like yesterday. In the morning I visited a service in an evangelic church in Fürth. It has approximately 150 members, but there must have been much more people today. Not only Germans visit this church, some people from Iran, Burkina Fasso (Africa) and India were there and one "boy" from the Czech republic as well. :-)

In the afternoon I went to the airport to enjoy "airport atmosphere" for few moments. I love everything regarding aircrafts and the airport is quite close to the centre, so why not to go there? Then I moved to the centre of Nürnberg and I was walking for couple of hours there. Because I had been hungry, I visited a Chinese restaurant and ordered pork with rice. It was very funny to hear Chinese staff speaking German. I think my German is much better than theirs. :-) If they don´t understand or are not able to answer your question, they start smiling.

Nürnberg is a very old city, almost at each corner there is a church. I could see lots of turists in the center, but it couldn´t be compared with Prague. I was very suprised at following: Almost all stores are closed on Sundays and not only stores, but some restaurants too. People probably want to devote their time to their families or..... . I really don´t have another explanation for this. Anyway it´s not good for you if you have nothing in your fridge Saturday evening. :-)

Well, I will stop now. Tomorrow my second business week gets started and I have "only" 16 weeks more. Thank you for your prayers and I will be looking forward to reading your emails in my mailbox.

sobota, února 03, 2007

First weekend in Fürth

Today my first weekend in Germany has started. After breakfast I went out for a walk into the center of Fürth. It was a lovely weather in the morning, the sun was shining, but it was quite cold and windy. I took my camera with in order to make some pictures.

There were a lot of people in the town center, probably because of nice weather. Near to my hotel there is a city-park which I would like to visit in the afternoon or tomorrow. There should be a river nearby too. The center looks really nice, all around you can see old buildings (they seem to be old at least) and the architecture is very nice too. The traffic is quite heavy although it´s Saturday, but it´s valid just for highways. I have seen some SKODA cars here, but BMW is dominant. I wanna go to Nürnberg as well soon, but first I want to see as much as possible from Fürth. It´s not difficult to go Nürnberg from here, because these two cities are connected with a subway and lots of buses. I have a subway station two minutes from my hotel and it takes only 20 minutes to come to the mainstation, which lies in the town centre. Well, I will stop now and I will add more information in the evening or tomorrow.

čtvrtek, února 01, 2007

First days in Germany !!!

Yesterday I finally arrived at Nürnberg and 4 long months are in front of me. I am staying in Bavaria Hotel in Fürth.

What about my first feelings after arriving at this hotel? I was little bit sad first, because I had been expecting better accommodation (window in the bathroom cannot be closed, some lights in my room are not working properly, all the things around me look like beeing very old etc.). Today after spending the first night in the hotel I am slightly changing my view.

What about food here? Breakfast was really good and my lunch at our company kitchen was delicious. I am really looking forward to having lunch tomorrow again. :-)

I started working in a head-quarter of our company. I have a colleague in the office, he´s really nice. Our department consists of 5 people (incl. me). It´s a really small amount for such a big company, isn´t it?

I will add further experience tomorrow, because it´s Friday finally and I have a weekend in front of me. :-). Attached I am publishing a picture of my hotel room so that you can make your own opinion of my "living standard in Germany".