čtvrtek, února 08, 2007

Nothing special happened during last week

Days are going very fast and my second weekend in Germany is comming soon. During last days nothing special happened. I had no time for sightseeing and most of time I spent in the office. Things started to move and I got used to working with german colleagues sooner than expected. Sure it´s not easy to understand everything especially when they start talking with their dialect, but finally I have no problems to express what I want to say and they seem to understand me at least.
On Wednesday I visited few people in a "bible lesson". We were 9 people including me, but only 4 were Germans. A young couple from Burkina Fasso from Africa has been living in Germany for 4 years and they became members in the church I visited last Sunday. One lady from Iran who has been staying in Germany for couple of years came to the "bible lesson" too. She tries to serve among Iranian community. Finally a lady from Germany who has moved to China, came for few weeks back home and was talking about her serving in China. It was a really amazing time last evening and it was very encouraging for my faith too.
Well, I have no special plans for this weekend, I hope weather is gonna be fine and I will be able to learn to know new places in Fürth and Nürnberg. I would like to visit München (Munich) sometimes, but it´s more than 200 kilometres far from here and train ticket is not cheap at all.
Thank you very much for your prayers and I really enjoy reading your emails. Keep on it!



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