sobota, února 03, 2007

First weekend in Fürth

Today my first weekend in Germany has started. After breakfast I went out for a walk into the center of Fürth. It was a lovely weather in the morning, the sun was shining, but it was quite cold and windy. I took my camera with in order to make some pictures.

There were a lot of people in the town center, probably because of nice weather. Near to my hotel there is a city-park which I would like to visit in the afternoon or tomorrow. There should be a river nearby too. The center looks really nice, all around you can see old buildings (they seem to be old at least) and the architecture is very nice too. The traffic is quite heavy although it´s Saturday, but it´s valid just for highways. I have seen some SKODA cars here, but BMW is dominant. I wanna go to Nürnberg as well soon, but first I want to see as much as possible from Fürth. It´s not difficult to go Nürnberg from here, because these two cities are connected with a subway and lots of buses. I have a subway station two minutes from my hotel and it takes only 20 minutes to come to the mainstation, which lies in the town centre. Well, I will stop now and I will add more information in the evening or tomorrow.


At 4:33 odp., Blogger kolinko said...

ahoj Pavle! I hope you enjoy your time in Germany. Is Lenka still in Jaromer? I pray that God will give you safe travels and protect you while you are in Germany.

At 4:33 odp., Blogger kolinko said...

PS...I also have a blog, but I have been very bad at updating it. :)

At 1:01 dop., Anonymous Ruth Whittaker said...

Dear Pavel,
What a great idea! I have enjoyed reading about your new job, your new location, and interesting facts. I will be delighted to keep in touch with you as you start this new adventure in hyour life.



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