čtvrtek, února 01, 2007

First days in Germany !!!

Yesterday I finally arrived at Nürnberg and 4 long months are in front of me. I am staying in Bavaria Hotel in Fürth.

What about my first feelings after arriving at this hotel? I was little bit sad first, because I had been expecting better accommodation (window in the bathroom cannot be closed, some lights in my room are not working properly, all the things around me look like beeing very old etc.). Today after spending the first night in the hotel I am slightly changing my view.

What about food here? Breakfast was really good and my lunch at our company kitchen was delicious. I am really looking forward to having lunch tomorrow again. :-)

I started working in a head-quarter of our company. I have a colleague in the office, he´s really nice. Our department consists of 5 people (incl. me). It´s a really small amount for such a big company, isn´t it?

I will add further experience tomorrow, because it´s Friday finally and I have a weekend in front of me. :-). Attached I am publishing a picture of my hotel room so that you can make your own opinion of my "living standard in Germany".



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