neděle, února 04, 2007

Sunday´s service and my trip to Nürnberg

Today I spent a very nice day, although it wasn´t such a nice weather like yesterday. In the morning I visited a service in an evangelic church in Fürth. It has approximately 150 members, but there must have been much more people today. Not only Germans visit this church, some people from Iran, Burkina Fasso (Africa) and India were there and one "boy" from the Czech republic as well. :-)

In the afternoon I went to the airport to enjoy "airport atmosphere" for few moments. I love everything regarding aircrafts and the airport is quite close to the centre, so why not to go there? Then I moved to the centre of Nürnberg and I was walking for couple of hours there. Because I had been hungry, I visited a Chinese restaurant and ordered pork with rice. It was very funny to hear Chinese staff speaking German. I think my German is much better than theirs. :-) If they don´t understand or are not able to answer your question, they start smiling.

Nürnberg is a very old city, almost at each corner there is a church. I could see lots of turists in the center, but it couldn´t be compared with Prague. I was very suprised at following: Almost all stores are closed on Sundays and not only stores, but some restaurants too. People probably want to devote their time to their families or..... . I really don´t have another explanation for this. Anyway it´s not good for you if you have nothing in your fridge Saturday evening. :-)

Well, I will stop now. Tomorrow my second business week gets started and I have "only" 16 weeks more. Thank you for your prayers and I will be looking forward to reading your emails in my mailbox.


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