neděle, října 07, 2007

Autumn in Bratislava

Despite the weather forecast I had quite a warm and sunny weekend in Bratislava. Unfortunatelly I got cold on Thursday and I couldn´t spend much time outside visiting places of my interest. On Saturday I walked through a park which is situated not far away from the hotel I am staying in. Although not many tourists are nowadays in Bratislava ships have been sailing in direction to Vienna. Maybe there is a stop in Devin (castle near to Bratislava).
Autumn is my favourite season. It´s no more such a hot weather, but if it´s not raining and the sun is shining, you can hardly stay home without going outside for a walk. I took lots of pictures not only of coloured trees in the park but also of Bratislava castle touched by sunlight. The sunset was very nice too, but it´s difficult to take pictures directing your camera against the sun...
Sunday morning I went to the Baptist Church where I know members of musical group MATUZALEM who I met during our stay in Canada 4 years ago.
Btw. we have started prepearing for our holiday in Canada which will start 26th October. We are going to Toronto and we will stay by Lenka´s uncle for two weeks. Well, that´s all for now, I will go on few days later.



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