neděle, října 07, 2007

Funeral of our grandmother

On Saturday 29th September we had a funeral of our grandmother in the church in Velká Lhota. It was a opportunity for families of all grandmother´s children to see each other. From the picture you can see we were quite a big group (niece Vladka from Dolny Kubin was already on her way home, thus you cannot find all of us on the picture). We had a nice time together although the reason for our meeting wasn´t so joyful. We could feel God´s presence among us and seeing ouf friends and talking to them was something what helped us in difficult moments.
It´s very comforting to know that our life is not over forever when we pass away. The shorter part has gone, but the longer one, which will last forever (according to our faith in Jesus) is in front of us and we can be expecting the ever-lasting future together with our God and our friends who died in Jesus´name.



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