úterý, května 01, 2007

Trip to Frankfurt - 14.4.2007

Middle April I went to Frankfurt for a whole day and I took a lot of nice pictures there. Some of them you can have a look now. It was sunny all the day. I also visited "Main Tower", which is more than 200 meters high. It was a lovely view from there, I could see the whole city center and a lot of places outside Frankfurt as well. Frankfurt has a very large airport, it is said to be the second largest one in Europe, but I didn´t like it very much. Airport in Nürnberg is much nicer (but much smaller as well). Few people from Nürnberg told me Frankfurt is not a nice city, but I liked it. In Germany there live lots of foreigners and in Frankfurt it is much more than in Nürnberg. I don´t know exact figures of foreign inhabitants of these two cities, but my feeling in Frankfurt was there had to be much more Non-Germans than in Nürnberg.



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