pondělí, února 12, 2007

Second weekend in Germany

On Saturday I went for a long tour inside Fürth and Nürnberg. I went to the final subway station in Fürth in the morning and from there I started my tour to Nürnberg. The weather wasn´t very nice, it was even raining in some moments, but it didn´t discourage me from my idea to go. I spent 6 hours on feet at least and finally I came to the center of Nürnberg. I was totally tired out after coming back to the hotel and I promised myself not to go for any walk on Sunday.

Of course I went outside on Sunday again. In the morning I visited the same church as last week and I stayed there for lunch. In the afternoon I went to Nürnberg again, but this time I gave up walking in closed parks and I went to the castle. It was a lovely view of the city from there. Although it was a weekend, there were not many people outside and I appreciated this fact expecially at the castle, because I could see the panorama from many places without pressing with other people.

I´m starting to enjoy my stay here, but I miss the czech language a little. On Sunday I met an older man in the church, who moved to Germany 1969. I was wondering about his accent - it sounded like a typical czech one, although he has had been living in Germany more than 30 years!

Regarding my job I feel every day better and better. I am getting some tasks which are good not only for practising controlling skills, but also for communicating with German colleagues and that´s probably the key effect for me.

Well, I will stop now. I will be expecting some mails from you - you are little bit lazier than I thought :-).



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