úterý, května 01, 2007

Lenka´s visit in Fürth

At the end of April Lenka came to visit me in Fürth. She spent 4 days here, in which we wanted to see as much places as possible and I think we had been quite successful. Most of our time we spent outside, because the weather was very nice and it was quite hot. We visited not only Nürnberg and Fürth, but as well München, which we liked very much. Lenka was very suprised at the Olympiacenter. We couldn´t remember the year in which the Olympic Games in München took place, but we had been tipping 1972 and now I know it was a right tip. Not far away from the city center there is the "English garden", where a lot of people were spending their free-time. Compared to parks in Nürnberg these weren´t so clean and from time to time we could find some garbage on the grass. But it was a very nice place for having rest after busy weekdays.
Our final stop was in Nyphenburg. It´s a castle not far away from the center. It´s very large and a lot of tourists came to visit it on Sunday. Close to this you can find a nice garden with few fountains. We finished our trip in a restaurant close to the main railway-station and there we tasted a glass of beer or two. :-)


At 1:20 odp., Blogger Rebekah and Petr said...

Yay! I'm glad that you updated the blog. We check it everyday. :) Lenka looks beautiful in the picute of her smelling the flowers. How did you block the photos together like that? It has such a nice appearance.



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