úterý, října 09, 2007

!!! Important notice !!! / Důležité oznámení

It´s quite difficult to add pictures to this blog and that´s why I am pleased to inform you that I found a way, how to solve this problem. Clicking on this link you will be sent by your internet browser to my new web album with new added pictures. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I will try to update as much as possible. :-)

Pro anglicky nemluvící a nerozumějící: Na těchto stránkách najdete nově vytvořené webové album s fotkami (více či méně aktuálními). Budu se snažit album aktualizovat co nejčastěji, tak se tam občas jukněte. :-)

neděle, října 07, 2007

Autumn in Bratislava

Despite the weather forecast I had quite a warm and sunny weekend in Bratislava. Unfortunatelly I got cold on Thursday and I couldn´t spend much time outside visiting places of my interest. On Saturday I walked through a park which is situated not far away from the hotel I am staying in. Although not many tourists are nowadays in Bratislava ships have been sailing in direction to Vienna. Maybe there is a stop in Devin (castle near to Bratislava).
Autumn is my favourite season. It´s no more such a hot weather, but if it´s not raining and the sun is shining, you can hardly stay home without going outside for a walk. I took lots of pictures not only of coloured trees in the park but also of Bratislava castle touched by sunlight. The sunset was very nice too, but it´s difficult to take pictures directing your camera against the sun...
Sunday morning I went to the Baptist Church where I know members of musical group MATUZALEM who I met during our stay in Canada 4 years ago.
Btw. we have started prepearing for our holiday in Canada which will start 26th October. We are going to Toronto and we will stay by Lenka´s uncle for two weeks. Well, that´s all for now, I will go on few days later.

Funeral of our grandmother

On Saturday 29th September we had a funeral of our grandmother in the church in Velká Lhota. It was a opportunity for families of all grandmother´s children to see each other. From the picture you can see we were quite a big group (niece Vladka from Dolny Kubin was already on her way home, thus you cannot find all of us on the picture). We had a nice time together although the reason for our meeting wasn´t so joyful. We could feel God´s presence among us and seeing ouf friends and talking to them was something what helped us in difficult moments.
It´s very comforting to know that our life is not over forever when we pass away. The shorter part has gone, but the longer one, which will last forever (according to our faith in Jesus) is in front of us and we can be expecting the ever-lasting future together with our God and our friends who died in Jesus´name.