úterý, října 09, 2007

!!! Important notice !!! / Důležité oznámení

It´s quite difficult to add pictures to this blog and that´s why I am pleased to inform you that I found a way, how to solve this problem. Clicking on this link you will be sent by your internet browser to my new web album with new added pictures. I hope you will enjoy my pictures and I will try to update as much as possible. :-)

Pro anglicky nemluvící a nerozumějící: Na těchto stránkách najdete nově vytvořené webové album s fotkami (více či méně aktuálními). Budu se snažit album aktualizovat co nejčastěji, tak se tam občas jukněte. :-)


At 8:39 odp., Blogger francesco said...

Hello Pavel. My name is Franto Slechta. I googled the name and your page came up. There are not that many Slechtas out there so I thought perhaps we were related. I was born in Venezuela but live now in New York. I don't speak czech though. Only spanish and english. My father (Ivo Slechta) came from Prague after the war with his father (Vaclav Slechta) I know that my great-grandfather's name was Emanuel but that's where my knowledge of the family name ends. I know that part of the family moved to America but that's all I know.
I hope I'm not bothering you with this.
Take care




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